6 ways to always look your best

Somehow, models always manage to look put together, both on and off the runway. Whether it’s running to the airport, getting out of a yoga class or shopping, these candid pictures may leave you scratching our head asking “but – how – do – they -”

Somehow, models always manage to look put together, both on and off the runway. Whether it’s running to the airport, getting out of a yoga class or shopping, these candid pictures may  leave you scratching our head asking “but – how – do – they -”

Say no more. We’ve got your answers.

Here are 6 ways to always look your best, just like a model. There are a few reasons to put in the extra work. First, you never know who you will run into. “Dress as if you are going to meet your worst enemy today” advises the queen, Coco Chanel. Alternatively, dress as if you’re going to run into your ex. Or, as if you are going to meet your destiny. Each day is full of possibilities, and you’ll want to dress the part and greet these possibilities as the best version of you. If you put in the extra work to look your best, you’ll also feel better. It’s not about being shallow and saying appearances matter, but it’s about showing yourself that you’re worth the time and effort. Don’t take our word for it, try it out. On some random day of the week, add 15 minutes to your routine to look your best. Tell us in the comments below how you felt through the day. With that said my dear, here are 6 ways to always look your best.

Skincare routine

Skin loves consistency. We all have different complexions and skin types, so speak to a professional (yes, this can include your local Sephora reps) and find the best routine for you – and stick to it! To add an extra boost to your look, try a 10-minute sheet mask in the morning, to give your skin whatever it normally needs; cleansing, brightening, moisturizing. We believe skin should come first, and makeup next, and a great routine will make sure that’s the case for you.

Makeup second

As mentioned above, after showing your skin some extra love, makeup can be used to accentuate your favorite features, not hide your least favorite. If models are anything aside from beautiful, they are confident. What better way to practice confidence than to adjust the way you consider your make up routine? Make those gorgeous eyes pop with some lengthening mascara. Make those beautiful puckers stand out with a fun bold lip. Make that skin glow with moisturizer and protect it with some SPF, and you’re good to go! Any other steps are up to you, but keep in mind the rule most models follow off the runway, less is more. Let that natural beauty shine.

Have fun getting dressed

If there’s one thing we always notice about models, is their day-to-day style. They always seem to get really experimental with their daily wardrobe choices, which means they have fun with it! Add an extra layer you would normally never add to your outfit. Reach for that pair of shoes hiding in the back of your closet because you hardly wear it. Maybe they’re impractical … perfect! Go thrift shopping over the weekend with a girlfriend and buy some fun staples you know would add color and spice to your life. There are no rules to this  (except make sure whatever you step out in is lightly ironed).

Pack An Emergency Kit

Whatever you use in the morning, pack it up in a small pouch and slip it in your purse. A long workday, a night out with friends, or running errands through the day can fade our morning prep. You’ll want to be able to freshen up once or twice during the day, so make sure to pack lip gloss or lipstick, deodorant, perfume, pressed powder, stain remover, and mascara.


Sunglasses just have a way of making us look really put together. You almost never see models walking the streets without them, maybe they’re hiding from the press, but they look great doing it! They add a touch of mystery and seriousness, and serve as the perfect touch to any outfit. Never leave home without them!

Smile, mirror affirmations

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, once you’re all dressed and ready, before you walk out the door, look in the mirror at how great you look! Give yourself a smile, a wink, and a little compliment. Maybe an affirmation or two. This will bring your vibes up, and give you a mini confidence boost. The morning rush can make you feel like you need to run out the door, and that rushing energy can stick with you through the day, expressing in your face and the way you speak. Models are all about that calm, cool, collected life. Take 10 seconds to give yourself the first compliment of the day. Confidence is the best accessory!

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