ZEX Plaftorm

Democratizing Content Monetization Through Blockchain Technologies
We Make Data Beautiful!

Democratizing Content Monetization Through Blockchain Technologies

We Make Data Beautiful!

ZEX Zuper Experience is a new career management platform built using cutting-edge software, tracking, artificial intelligence, tokenization, and blockchain technologies.

• Personal & Business Data Management & Monetization

• Next-Gen Brand Building

• Creative Tools for Digital Interactive Experiences

• ZEX Talent Coin & Investment Opportunities

• Digital Marketplace Only for Verified Buyers & Sellers

• Secure Transactions at a Fraction of the Cost

Our Process

The world’s first interactive portal monetizing the data of professional endorsers, models, influencers, actors, athletes, celebrities & brands. Backed by world class industry knowledge and patented technology, our use of blockchain, ERC contracts, patented tokenization processes, and an intuitive user interface, we empower the talent to take back control of their personal data and put it to work for them. The ZEX platform is a safe and trusted environment for you to create your own marketplace that will let your data work for you while you sleep!

Sign-Up To Our Platform

With onboarding of users, we are not limiting our services to just the industry professionals and celebrities but anyone with a dream can join.

Your Profile Puts Us at Work

Once a user has created a profile, our system goes to work evaluating their data which gives them a look into their impactfulness.

AI Helps Us Make Your Data Shine

From there our patented AI engine evaluates their personal data and showcases monetary options for tokenization, and NFT creation.

With Your Permission We're Ready to Get Generating Revenue

Once a user accepts and authorizes our suggested workflow, creation of assets are allowed, and placed on our exchange to start generating revenue.